Birdy Friends Tree Mural:

This mural is of a whimsical tree in a little girls room with birds (as seen in many of my paintings). The birds have my classic button eyes as well as the bunny that is hidden in the nook. There is also another 3-D element with bird houses painted by the little girl herself.

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Whimsical flower garden with bee's moveable mural:

This mural is different from the one that you see above because it is moveable. It is a series of paintings on canvas that can be hung on the wall in endless different arrangments and then moved later in life from a nursery to a children's room. It is also great for aparment dwellers because you aren't painting directly on a wall when you are ready to move so is your "mural."

mural7 mural5
mural9 mural10 mural4
mural8 mural2